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The Construction Industry Excellence Complex (Civil House) was established in 1996 and was effective in the process of teaching and learning in the construction industry by defining new criteria and educational standards. This complex is the initiator of a new current and the founder of vocational training and engineering retraining in Iran, with the support of its faculty, which includes experienced and experienced instructors in the construction industry. It is trying to fulfill this great mission with the highest quality knowledge-based on up-to-date knowledge, with innovation and continuous improvement.

Organizational policy and mission:

Construction Industry Excellence Complex (Civil House) is a leader in providing supplementary training for graduates and professionals active in the construction industry and construction projects. Defined its organizational mission in the framework of the following:

  • Civil House tries to develop the construction industry in all aspects of management, technical, executive and promotion of the latest technologies and achievements.
  • Upgrading engineering services through retraining, disseminating information and expanding values and professional ethics by relying on the most effective equipment and methods.
  • Cooperation of urban management, increasing the safety factor of structures and ensuring the health of all citizens as much as possible.
  • Reduce unemployment and create sustainable job opportunities for university graduates by empowering them and teaching them specialized and practical skills.
  • Creating a platform for expanding consulting and specialized services by experts and veterans of the construction industry.

Civil House Activities

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With the help of industry experts and university professors, the Civil House has so far trained more than 65,000 labour market experts with the skills and competencies required by projects and organizations. As a pioneer in the education and training of human resources in the construction industry, this complex operates in 9 departments.

Execution and construction department

Execution and construction department:

Due to the vast amount of investment made in the construction industry. The role of building quality in the safety and health of the community is essential. Undoubtedly, it needs to improve the attitude and implement quality systems in various departments and processes, especially in the construction phase. Therefore, the Department of Execution and Construction, Civil House, was set up to develop and promote knowledge of building construction among students and civil engineers, architects, and other activists in the industry.

Department of Architecture:

Department of Architecture:

The Department of Architecture of the Civil House started to develop architectural knowledge in the construction industry, especially architectural engineers, civil engineers, and construction contractors. By attracting experienced specialists in the professions and specialized professions of architecture and guiding them, the managers of this department formulate and hold completely practical and various technical courses.

Department of Structures and Geotechnics

Department of Structures and Geotechnics:

The Civil House has been set up to train specialized personnel in building structural design, structural department and geotechnics. This department works to train capable and efficient designers at the level of conventional urban and modern buildings.

Department of Technical Affairs and Contracts

Department of Technical Affairs and Contracts:

Nowadays, the implementation of projects in various ways in organizations is expanding. Employers are willing to outsource projects, and contractors are eager to accept more risk. Familiarity with project implementation systems, determining the relationships between project elements, and concluding and price contracts are essential. Accordingly, to develop technical knowledge and skills in completing contracts among managers and engineers of the construction industry, the Civil House has set up a technical affairs and contracts department.

Department of Management

Department of Management:

The Department of Civil House Management started to develop and improve management knowledge and skills in the construction industry, especially civil engineers, architectural engineers, and construction operators. By attracting experienced specialists in specialized management jobs and guiding them, this department organizes and conducts completely practical and various technical courses.

Department of BIM

Department of BIM:

This department has been formed using new approaches and new technologies based on information integration structure (Building Information Modeling). With the aim that training and development of management approaches and expert skills in various sectors, including software related to managers and engineers (civil, architecture, structures, mechanics, and electricity), provides training and consulting services.

Department of Roads and Surveying

Department of Roads and Surveying:

With the development and expansion of cities and industry and the subsequent increase in intercity traffic, roads and highways’ growth and streets have become vital. Iran, like many developing countries, devotes a significant portion of its budget to road construction. What is considered crucial is the condition of the roads built in terms of quality, which we need resources, specialized and capable staffing to increase as much as possible. Based on this, the Civil House has organized courses in methods and executive points in road infrastructure and pavement, familiarity with road construction machinery in the road department, and surveying.

Facilities Department

Facilities Department:

Controlling the flow and temperature of the air inside the building in terms of cooling, heating, air conditioning, electrical installations, and building intelligence in general in the current era is one of the most critical issues in the world. Therefore, to develop a professional view of facility knowledge among engineers and executives in the construction industry, the Civil House has set up a facility department.

In addition to installation engineers, the pieces of training of the Civil House Facilities Department are helpful for civil engineers, technicians, and artisans in this field. They can base their scientific experiences on scientific and engineering concepts. Combine experimental reserves with science and create more desirable efficiency and quality in work.

Our Skill Package

Job-Oriented Training-Skill Packages

This complex has designed job-oriented training-skill packages based on scientific and practical experiences with a two-decade history of training in the construction industry. These packages have taken advantage of educational, research, and operational backgrounds and interaction with construction industry experts with training experts for the labor market.

  • Technical office expert
  • Project Control Specialist
  • Structural engineers

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